Mexican flag burned at Apache Junction HS

Tensions over immigration reform heightened in the Phoenix area’s East Valley Thursday when students raised a Mexican flag over Apache Junction High School — and then other students yanked it down and burned it.

At least a few young people are able to see the madness.


~ by antifed on March 31, 2006.

2 Responses to “Mexican flag burned at Apache Junction HS”

  1. I am native american of chickasaw tribe in oklahoma , I like to see those damn illegals try and go to a native res and do this, see what happens to them. Trust me native americans get accused of looking mexican but we sure don’t have no use for the mexicans in this country NATIVE AMERICA… Go back to where you came from. These are our lands we won fair and square, to late to complain now, these are our jobs go work in your own damn country and we dont have room for your anal crimes we have enough already. Your like a disease but this is one disease I can guarantee a cure for…

  2. Right on!!!!

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