Jeb Bush: :Tone of Immigration Debate “Hurtful”

WASHINGTON — Accusing politicians of “pounding their chests” on immigration for short-term political gain, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the tone of the debate had been “hurtful” to him and his Mexican-born wife, Columba.

Bush, the younger brother of President Bush, reserved some of his sharpest criticism for conservatives in his own Republican Party, calling it “just plain wrong” to charge illegal immigrants with a felony, as a provision passed by the Republican-led House would do. He also opposed “penalizing the children of illegal immigrants” by denying them U.S. citizenship, an idea backed by some conservatives but not included in the legislation

Well we are really screwed now. Jeb and his wife are hurt. The President wont let this stand.

Give me a freaking break.


~ by antifed on April 5, 2006.

3 Responses to “Jeb Bush: :Tone of Immigration Debate “Hurtful””

  1. Jeb’s story is the epitomy of what in large part is wrong with America. Americans have become so “touchy feely” to nonsense that they’re numb to reality.

    If Americans don’t wake up and realize that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights(the supreme law of the land) are first and foremost where the loyalty of American citizens must lie we’re doomed sooner rather than later.

    George Putnam, on The Terry Anderson show last night was appalled, having found out recently about the statement George W. Bush made while waving the Mexican flage about 15 years ago – pictures, video, etc. now in circulation on the net. He regreted having voted for him “twice!”

    Wake up America. Stop electing New World Order, sycophant, globalists and vote America first and for true patriots who are “for” and not against America.

  2. P.S. George Putnam said that the video of President Bush waving the flag and the statements he made about the southern part of American once being northern Mexico and that illegals were previously “Mexican citizens,” should be distributed far and wide.

  3. Why wouldn’t you expect Jeb to sympathize with criminals. His daugher was a druggie caught for prescription fraud. His son is a drunk like Unca George.

    Oh and don’t forget his lovely latin wife Columba tried to bypass customs officials with $19 thousand in undeclared merchandise.

    But then like the criminal invaders, Jeb and his family are only trying to make a living…

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