‘Shoot illegals’ comment earns host FCC complaint

Arizona’s attorney general and a U.S. federal attorney filed a complaint with the Federal Communication Commission yesterday against a Phoenix radio station and a fill-in talk show host over comments made last month suggesting the solution to the illegal immigration problem was to “randomly pick one night every week where we will kill whoever crosses the border.”

This type of threatening and inciting speech is dangerous and totally irresponsible for anyone, particularly a licensed body using the public airways,” Goddard and Charlton wrote. “We are deeply concerned that, given the intensifying conflict over immigration in Arizona, this speech may lead to violence. Tempers are short on both sides and the situation is highly volatile.”

Isn’t the FCC concerned about spanish radio stations advocating sedition?


~ by antifed on April 8, 2006.

3 Responses to “‘Shoot illegals’ comment earns host FCC complaint”

  1. I don’t think that is a remark far away from the truth since we regular Americans want our borders protected and none of our elected officials understand the serious situation we are in.
    It would not surprise me a bit if we within a short period of time would have to fight another civil war if we give in to these ILLEGALS. I don’t understand why we just don’t uphold the laws of this country and then we would not be in this dilemma and it is also a travesty that we Americans can go abroad and spend easily $400.000.000.000 and protect some arabs border who just want to kill us anyway.
    Incompetent President and incompetent Congress is all we have.

  2. The Phoenix radio station and the talk-show host should be given a medal of honor and win the Nobel prize and the Pulitzer prize for their act of heroism.

    Hispanic racist bigot kkk hate groups make all kinds of death threats against people opposed to illegal alien criminals and illegal immigration and even tell us native citizens of the U.S. to go back to Europe because this is their continent.

    I have news for these illegal alien criminals and their accomplices the hispanic hate groups:

    This is OUR country, not YOURS! We will never give you our country. You are in the wrong country. Go back to your country and march in protest there and demand changes of YOUR government. Our government is NOT your government and you do NOT have the right to tell us how to run our country or what laws to make. You are criminals and need to be deported and permanently barred from this country and FORCIBLY kept out of this country for the rest of your lives by any means possible, even if it results in your deaths!

  3. The truth of the matter is this is from KFYI, a conservative AM radio station, from a talk radio host at 9PM in the evening sometime in January or February. You can go to the KFYI website to verify.
    The ACLU and some hispandering group brought this charge up the night prior to the marches in Phoenix and the Phoenix and Tucson media rebroadcast the phony charges.
    The host did say we ought to shoot illegals; he was sarcastically trying to get folks to call in to his show in the evening; the conversation was taken out of context. The KFYI staff is taking a stand and supporting the host.

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