More invader protests blah blah blah

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some call it “the browning of America.” Others see it as an economic necessity. Hispanics have become the largest minority group in the United States and the target of anger in a national debate over immigration.

Some would also call it an illegal invasion by a foreign country. I wonder if these people will ever realize that being in the United States is a privilege, not a right.


~ by antifed on April 10, 2006.

2 Responses to “More invader protests blah blah blah”

  1. Jason-do you think we will still have the right to be here if our government will not put a stop to this invasion?

  2. I believe our Constitution gives us the right to stop it, but that being said I doubt it will happen.

    Americans have become apathetic and lazy. It seems nowadays American Idol, taking your kids to soccer practice, and working to pay ever increasing taxes are more important than the future of the country.

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