Vegas invader march draws thousands

Click HERE for tons of new pics from todays march.

Went down and observed the illegal invader march today here in Las Vegas. Heres a short summary of how things went:

-Seems a good number of the invaders listened to whoever told them to leave the mexican flags at home, as this time there were only about 4 or 5 mexican flags for every 10 American flags.

-Waiting at stoplight, protester handed me a flyer, I crumpled it up, he called me a dickhead, I gave him the finger, and drove on.

-Parked, waited for an hour for them to get their crap together and get to marching. Had a front row seat which gave me the opportunity to be called a racist, told to “get my white ass outta there”, and was told numerous times by Metro PD that they couldnt guarantee my safety. For the most part, I found the cops didnt really want to be there and were fed up with the situation.

-Noticed at least a dozen MECHa members all wearing red shirts and leading chants of “viva la raza” and “la raza unida” or something to that effect. Red shirts are visible in pics.

-Took invaders approximately 2 hours to march from their assembly point to the Federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas. I went to the courthouse early to get a good seat and made small talk with the U.S. Marshalls who were providing security for the court. Most didnt want to be there and laughed that the invaders chose an assembly point so far away. Again, the Marshalls told me they couldnt guarantee my safety,(seems to be a common theme) and again I told them not to worry about me, only worry about the safety of the invaders if they got too close to me. He chuckled and left.

-I took a seat across the street from the court and began the waiting game. There were about 10 people there already in support of the invaders. One woman ran into the middle of the road a few times and yelled “deport all white people” then ran back to her seat. Another guy, (possibly homeless, drunk, crackhead, or a combo of all of them) tried to sell me an American Flag pin for 6 bucks. I guess he expected me to overlook the $1.00 price tag on it.

– As the march arrived at the courthouse, Metro blocked off all of Las Vegas Blvd, so I had an opportunity to get right up in the action. As I was taking pictures the sole white member of MECHa(a scraggly haired hippy looking douche noticeable in a few pics) who was there came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I showed him my camera and told him I’d give him 3 guesses. He asked me who I was with, I replied ” dont fucking worry about it”. He left and returned a few minutes later with 2 other red shirt wearing assholes. They again asked me who I was with, I again told them not to worry about it. Red shirt wearing hippy douche told me they didnt want me there, so I asked him “what the fuck was he going to do about it”. No other words were said after that, the 3 red shirts left and I was back to taking pics. Camera ran out of batteries just as the speeches started at the courthouse. Basically more of “we want rights”, “viva la raza”, “si se puede”, and a few other chants I couldnt make out.

As a sidenote: Besides a few of the more fringe groups (National Alliance, White Peoples Party) from my observation I was the only one down there who wasnt there in supoprt.


~ by antifed on April 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “Vegas invader march draws thousands”

  1. Ignorante maricon de mierda, that is, shithead faggot, you are so full of ignorance as well as the rest of the red-neck, hillbilly, sister-fucking, goat-roping, trailer trash living, blugrass listening, in-bred motherfuckers that post and visit this website. The funny thing is that we hispanics will be the majority one day and there ain’ nothin’ u can do ’bout it, a’ight!!!

  2. Anonymous,

    If you think the globalist white billionaires are going to let you take control then you’re brain must have fried like a pork rind while you were crossing the desert on your way to being a criminal.

    You are being played for fools and you don’t even know it.

    Why don’t you take this crap to Mexico city if you want change and rights and all that bullshit?

    You think Conquistador Fox would put up with your “we are all equal” BS like these pansy ass kissin politicians in D.C.? No, Fox would call out his corrupt military and let them have a field day on your head.

  3. LOL that anonymous ignorant poster has got me laughing my ass off.

    Lets break down what he wrote:

    red-neck: You mean like the sunburned illegals doing construction and field work that americans used to do?

    hillbilly: Like the illegals from Michoacan Mexico?

    sister-fucking: You mean like the fact that in Mexico it isnt illegal to marry first cousin?

    trailer trash living:Like what most illegals live in across America?

    blugrass listening: Like the traditional banda musica across Mexico that glorifies drug dealers?

    in-bred motherfuckers: see sister fuckers

    Get this most legal Hispanics are AGAINST illegals anonymous. Get an education and learn.

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