Americans take stern view on illegal immigration

Americans say illegal immigration is rampant and could overwhelm the best efforts of both President Bush and Congress, according to two surveys released yesterday.
A USA Today/Gallup poll found that 81 percent of Americans say illegal immigration is “out of control,” while 61 percent say the government should make illegal immigration a crime. Employers seeking bargain workers beware: 52 percent of the respondents also think the government should make it a crime for U.S. citizens to help people who they know are in the country illegally.

Wonder if the feds will pay any attention to it. My guess is no, they seem to have their own agenda.


~ by antifed on April 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “Americans take stern view on illegal immigration”

  1. Lazy Americans
    Since you guys are too lazy to know your own history, let me give you a lesson.
    Who where originally here?
    Native americans.
    Where did they come from?
    Central and South America.
    The first people brought to this country where ship fulls of people who their country wanted thrown out. People who were in jail.
    They come here, try to make it on their own, they can’t and get the native americans to help.
    Once they couldn’t control them any more, they decided to bring african slaves. To do their work for them (yea, lazy). They didn’t learn their lesson, and they brign the Orientals to do their railroads (yea, lazy again). They again didn’t learn their lesson, and they started bringing hispanics to work in their fields(3 times lazy). Oh, but wait, the laziness continues to this day! You guys don’t want any hard, messy, or stinky jobs and somebody has to do them. You much rather be sitting in front of a computer or an air conditioned room, than be cleaning out the sewers or working out in the fields all day! and you guys have the nerve to say we are taking over your jobs! You want them? come and get them, or are you too lazy?!!!
    My parents were migrated to this country LEGALLY, and I was born here. So this country is as much theirs as ours. You don’t like it? Tough, why don’t you go back to your country? Oh, wait! you are probably too lazy to do that!

  2. What a fool that doesn’t take the time to learn what this immigration argument is all about! It is NOT about deporting Mexicans, and who was here first and blah blah blah! It is about ILLEGAL immigrants that won’t take the time to register with the government and pay taxes. All they do is steal services from us and then send money out of the country to their families. My facts may be wrong here but I believe it’s in the neighborhood of $4 Billion dollars that was sent out of the country last year. That’s not a bad neighborhood if you ask me. So, in closing, how about all of the undocument aliens, step up, get registered and become legal or go back to their countries and go about it the right way. Seems like these “aliens” want to come into our country just to suck on the American teet and then when it benefits them, they burn our flag and raise theirs!

  3. It was $16 billion sent out of country. More than Mexico’s oil.

    And speaking of lazy! Seems to me the illegals are too lazy to get in line and immigrate legally. But then again, corruption is a way of life in Mexico isn’t it?

    You must be the produt of a government education. Not all native Americans were from south of the border. They migrated across the Bearing Strait as well.

    And before you start pointing fingers at “lazy” Americans, first look at the debauchery of the Aztecs with their slavery and savagery.

    And if you don’t like America, you can always renounce your citizenship and take your ungrateful ass across the southern border. But then in Mexico you would be second class because the Mexican constitution doesn’t allow non-citizens the right to march in the streets for political reasons or take part in any politics.

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