Great Cartoon!

Now, if a cartoonist can come up with this idea, why cant our government?


~ by antifed on April 15, 2006.

2 Responses to “Great Cartoon!”

  1. You guys are all fucking white scared american psychos. just deal with the fact you have small penises, or your husbands want to bag j-lo and call it a day. hopefully you fat asses will continue to over eat fast food and all you red state pussies will die off from heart attacks.

  2. Only pussies post comments anonymously.

    Scared? Of what? You? BSAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    You don’t even have the balls to post your real name.

    As for dying off, heart attacks take a while. TB, dengue fever, and other antibiotic diseases ferreied across the border by illegals are more of a threat to the illegal alien population. Especially when they are living 60 to an apartment.

    A better cartoon would be an ICE agent standing on the sidewalk while 500,000 criminal aliens walk behind him with Mexican flags. He speaks into his radio, “No, nothing to report.”

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