Now we cant deport pregnant illegals!

It charged that she once lied to gain entry to the United States, that she claimed she was an American when she was in fact a Mexican.

But Myrna was pregnant, and a federal judge in Missouri said Myrna’s fetus essentially was already an American citizen. He could not be expelled, and as a result, neither could she.

So a pregnant criminal isnt really a criminal? There are no words to express the amount of stupidity in this article.


~ by antifed on April 16, 2006.

One Response to “Now we cant deport pregnant illegals!”

  1. The judge who ruled she couldn’t be deported until after she gave birth should be exiled with her.

    This anchor baby issue needs to be addressed. Problem is only the illegals have standing so U.S. citizens have no way to take legal action. The District of Corruption proclaimed there would be no anchor baby legislation coming out of that dung hole.

    Even if a bill made out of the Congress of Corruption, Punkin’head Bush would let it be his first and only veto.

    And if by some miracle Congress overrode the veto, Bush would enforce it the same as they do employers hiring illegals.

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