Invader protest on May 1st will be a flop.

But others fear such protests will make immigrants look anti-American, annoy the public and alienate lawmakers who are still wavering over how to reshape U.S. immigration policy. They worry, too, that thousands will get fired from their jobs.

Some are now afraid the split in their ranks could suppress participation May 1 and cause the movement to lose momentum.

I wonder what would make them think people would view them as Anti-American. Could it be the thousands of mexican flags they wave? What about the fact that criminals are demanding rights?

Annoy the public? Ya think? Lets see, clogging traffic, speaking a foreign language, spewing racist comments, and supporting an invasion by a foreign nation. They better think twice if they believe all they are doing is annoying us.


~ by antifed on April 19, 2006.

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