May Day protest organized by communists

Radical organizations, including active communist and revolutionary socialist organizations, were the driving force organizing the immigration boycott rally at Union Square in New York City on Monday. WND attended the event and took over 350 photographs documenting the effort by the radical political left to deliver an anti-American, anti-imperialist message under the guise of an “immigration rights” rally.

The “Immigrant Boycott Day” was intentionally scheduled for May 1, worldwide known as the communist and socialist “May Day” holiday celebrating the struggle of “exploited workers” internationally. This scheduling decision was downplayed by the mainstream media. Documenting how carefully the radical political left staged and managed this May 1 protest, we found clear evidence that the message of the event was intended to be a communist and socialist anti-U.S. message.

Whoa, big surprise there.

Socialists, communists, A.N.S.W.E.R. seems like every group that wants to see America fall is involved with the illegal invaders. Coincidence?


~ by antifed on May 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “May Day protest organized by communists”

  1. If America fall it will be because of large corporations that are screwing America. Our capability to produce is being outsourced, our jobs are being outsourced, we are losing a battle against big drug companies and oil companies. Illegal immigrants are here because those same companies are destroying their livelyhoods at home and they are coming here for a chance to survive. Big Money is screwing everybody.

    Leftists don’t want America to fall, that is a lie created by the Right (pronounced “Nazi”) who are manipulating YOU with fear.

  2. Actually if you look deeper you’ll find this movement for illegals is being helped along by the PR firm that did both the campaigns for GWB and Fox.

    As far as the other commentor… you’re close. The US is being 3rd worlded for a purpose. It isn’t just big money, but the self proclaimed ruling elite. We need to re-establish the people as the major force in the nation and give up this idea of parental government restoring our independence as people.

    BTW, The left and the right are the same thing. Different means to the same ends. Dependence and slavery for the masses. The two represent a false choice. They are both controlled by the same forces.

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