Bush signs anti-Internet gambling law

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — President Bush signed a law on Friday banning U.S.-based banks or credit card companies from processing payments for Internet gambling activities that are illegal in the United States.The bill signed by Bush also authorizes state and federal law enforcement to seek injunctions against people who facilitate illegal Internet gambling.

More proof that the feds will outlaw anything they can’t get a piece of. This bill wouldnt have passed on it’s own merits, so they decided to attach it to a port security bill, knowing full well it will pass.

Because of the actions of the federal government, thousands of stockholders have lost money on shares they own of mega-poker site, Party Poker. Add in the thousands of poker players who supplemented their livelihood by playing poker on the internet, and you have a completely worthless law that does nothing but damage to law abiding Americans.


~ by antifed on October 13, 2006.

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